Repairing of Artificial Turf Service

Your artificial turf does not look as fresh & natural as before? Don’t worry about the bad quality of turf anymore. Even if it is damaged and gone through many wear and tears. We offer the best repairing services. The feasible technology we use for repairing is designed to expand the life expectancy of your artificial turf and the whole pitch.


QUALITY is our choice

We provide repairing of the damaged and old turf with the using the high-quality technology. And old turf equipments are replaced with perfect stock materials that gives a natural look of turf to the eyes.


ngineers are always available for the field repairing

We have our engineering team that is always dedicated for all the project it gets and is happy solving all the queries of customers regarding the repairing services. Our project management staff and engineers’ team is available from the starting of the repairing process to the end of the final results.


Equipments and time management

We provide our own high-quality equipments and tend to make the work done very promptly and keenly. Also replace damaged and burned materials with new and fresh ones.

What do we do in Repairing?

We provide expert’s teams to repair your pitch in time at a very low cost. Also remove all the damaged materials with new and quality ones. Some of the process it goes through are,

  • Removing damaged spots and stains.
  • Recycling odd and unwanted materials.
  • Replacing old system with new one.
  • Repainting lines and markings.
  • Refining the margins of the line.
  • Grooming and giving a finishing touch to sparkle the field and make it fresh as before.